Multiple Mini Pieces

*I wrote these way back in like 2006 so you can compare my writing from then to my writing now. Since this stuff is kinda old it isn’t very good, but I wanted to give you guys insight on how much I have improved.

Road Trip:

         Lets take a road trip. A road trip to nowhere. And when we finally get there, we’ll be there. And when we find out where we are I’ll whisper a secret in your ear. And we’ll share the sunset together at the end of nowhere and for awhile we’ll be two people at the end of a journey, at the end of the rainbow it isn’t gold but a truly great friendship that was meant to last a lifetime. And forever I’ll be true to you always at the end of nowhere.

Before The Thunder

        I pay strict attention to the smallest details as you cry your way out of the dark.

Its hot and cold and I’m crying tonight, you open up and I take it in.

The music’s playing your heart skips a beat.

My hair falls on your face as your eyelashes caress my cheek. 

Your eyes shine in the starlight reflecting thousands of possibilities.

The sighing of the wind in the branches of the willows and the aspens brings the call of the wild running through our veins.

 We blend like bleeding rainbows, our hearts pump adrenaline mixing with our sighs.

The air is cool and calm, like just before the thunder.

On The Sand In The Sun By The Sea

              The sand on the beach connects you to me, the breeze is blowing gently and it feels so nice with you by my side. The simplicity of holding hands and laughing in the sun and sea. Eyelash wishes and butterfly kisses and the near misses add up to be: two bored teens on the sand in the sun by the sea, singing of life and how good it used to be.  The talking and laughing and smiling and singing connects us on a new level.


Electrical Pulses

        Your presence is intoxicating, your smile dredges up emotions so long forgotten.  Your scent calls me.  Its addicting the way you make me feel, but it’s better than a drug, its more than a rush.  you take my breath away, your body close to mine, enthralling me in emotion.  Your eyes drawing me deeper, your soul beckons, your kiss ravages me an brightens my world.  Life is better with you here, the intensity is like a magnet, I’m drawn irrevocably towards you. Like the moon and earth. Your warmth sings to me, your pulse calming, yet wild. Your eyelashes graze my cheek, and I understand its more than a chemical reaction more than electrical pulses. The music of your breath sounds in my mind, no words are needed, our language is in our bodies, lying close in the dewy grass. Your smile mysterious and seductive. The shyness slips away with the night, and the sunrise completes us. 


         Something is coming.  I don’t know what it is, but when it gets here I’ll follow it wherever.  I can feel it in my veins, under my skin, in my bones; vibrating through me.  Its wonderful and perfect, yet untamed and free.  Its crazy, trusting something so completely, yet it feels so right.  I can tell it will change my life, but not how, or why.  I do know its good I feel, some hardships but I feel the good parts too. 'Take the good times with the worst.'  It took me a while to figure out what it is,  but I know: it is love. Yes simple, but passionate, powerful, and strong.  I’m committed completely, there is no letting go and no holding back.   It has come.

(C) Copyright by Emily Erhart 2006