I Am Fish

        Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to be a fish. Floating, soaring, swimming in the deep. Wispy tendrils of fins floating around me. Dancing gracefully beneath the surface of the cool. Effortlessly diving deep then rising up following the ebb and flow of the tide. 

          It seems a graceful dance, to be a fish, it seems like effortless splendor. Bubbles floating by me, the ocean gracefully breathes in and out, the seaweed dances in a breeze as I float on high above them. Deep blue surrounds my swaying form, misty, cool, calm, tender. 

        Singing, sailing, floating along, I take in my surroundings. Bright colors dart around me. Shiny pebbles rest below me. An endless blue expanse above me. I am free, I am fish. Water skims over my gills as I fill my lungs with oxygen, my eyes search the depths in case of danger. 

         The adventure of sailing through the blue pumps excitement through my veins. I flick in and out of the seaweed expressing my utter joy at my freedom.  My heart sings in time with the whale-tune. 

      I smile to myself as I drift off to sleep, picturing myself as a fish in the ocean blue. Wondering what it’d be like to be a fish. Swimming, soaring, effortlessly floating through the endless deep.

(C) Copyright by Emily Erhart 2012