Ode To My True Friends

"……….you make it easier to be………."

" A true friend is one soul in two bodies." ~Aristotle

         These are the times that require us to reach in our magic bag of friendship and pull out the friends who mean the most to us. To surround yourself with those who truly care, the friends who know your life inside and out and still don’t mind if you complain a bit. Those who stick by you through thick and thin and who love you no matter how hard it is. They are the people you sit and talk on the phone for hours with, sometimes talking but mostly sitting in silence, just happy to know someone who cares is on the other end.

     There are never awkward silences where you both feel insecure. They are someone you can call or text in the middle of the night, and they’ll be there. They are the ones you can cry with, laugh incessantly with, pick a fight with and get over it within two seconds. Someone you share all your feelings, fears, hopes, failures, dreams, goals, wishes, and secretes with.

       Someone you know you’ll spend the rest of your life with, no matter who else comes along. The ones who never judge you and always make time for you. You can laugh together about mistakes you’ve made. Sit on the porch and laugh at your grandchildren playing in the mud together.

        Your best friend….. your true friend, is one who never lies to you. The one you can always talk to. You have those moments where you cant stop laughing; either at each other, or with each other. The few people who you can sit and watch sappy tear-jerker movies together, and cry and not even care.

        The ones who know every facial expression you can make and what it means. The ones you can spend every day with, the ones who you can spend the night with and stay up till six am and wake up two hours later, ready for a new adventure.

       Someone who can give you ideas, inspire you, give you advice, and give you something new to try. This is the time in your life where you know who really cares about you; and who you really care about, and that you don’t need those fake friends “….and all of them would sell (you) for a song…” that don’t truly care.

       Your true friend knows you inside and out, knows when you’re feeling blue when no one else does. who understands why you feel the way you do. Who can tell you have one of those happy secrets your just bursting to tell them. 

         Someone who you can spend time with and not need to gossip and down talk because you both know you complete each other. This person is someone you go to the park with and sit and eat candy and chug energy drinks until you can’t think straight anymore…. 

… It’s love… and to all my true friends, I love you. What would I do without you? Where would I be without you? Who would I be without you. You’re all I am.

songs quoted:

Easier To Be~Lifehouse

Falling Apart~Matt Nathanson

* i wrote this one day cuz i was in one of those super bad moods and i realized all my friends cared even when the ‘other’ friends didn’t. i realized my true friends matter more than life. i hope you enjoy

(C) Copyright 2010 by Emily Erhart