My Paper Wish

"…I wrote this for you…" "…more than a feeling…"

        I decided to write you to improve my penmanship. I don’t know if it’s improved or not, imitating people’s handwriting.

      I miss you like the sun misses the flower in the dead of winter. Across the frozen desert I long to fly to be safe and warm in your arms. To hear your voice across the darkness: calm, comforting, and cool. I dream of awaking to your sweet breath playing across my face as you push my hair out of my eyes. I wish to fall asleep in your arms, listen to your heart beat as it synchronizes with mine, our breath in perfect harmony. Sing to me soft and sweet. Our lips brush as we talk in the night. A small moment during the day: a brush of fingers in passing, a wink across the room, a blown kiss caught and kept, your hand as it locks with mine, a whisper of love in my ear.

      Butterflies collide as you bow and kiss my hand. A night of dancing under the stars, a picnic under the sun in a green glade, singing along to our favorite songs on the road to anywhere, swimming in the cool creek, your hands as you brush my hair, your arm around my shoulder during a film.

       Catching frogs in a pond, watching the birds build a nest, or the geese guiding their goslings to the water. Kissing in the pouring rain, lying on the warm sand of the beach watching the beautiful rolling waves; or making angels in the freshly fallen snow, sledding for a while then sitting beside a warm fire with a nice mug of hot cocoa; or playing with the baby goats in a warm, green, sunny meadow; or star gazing till the sun begins to hedge the horizon.

     The bass of your voice echoing upon the canyon walls as you tell a tale of true love. My head in your lap as we spend the afternoon quietly basking in each other’s presence.

     It’s not poetry, or music, or even a story. This, I suppose, is what you could call a wish. My paper wish. Maybe someday it will come true. 

~ I wrote this during school, I was bored and needed to get some emotions off my chest. It was going to be for me to either keep and digest later or burn. But I showed it to someone. She had such a rush of emotions when she read it that it made me think of making everyone feel that alive. So I posted it. I don’t know what its going to make you feel, but I would like to know what you thought, felt, or even saw. So post a comment. Let me know. This isn’t for any one of you specifically. I just wrote it.

Songs quoted:

Where Is Your Boy Tonight~Fall Out Boy

More Than A Feeling~Boston

(C) Copyright 2010 by Emily Erhart